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We believe that the best packaging promote better quality of life.
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Our Story

Instituto de Embalagens (Packaging Institute), based in Barueri, in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, works with education and research about packaging. Its goal is to bring to the industry’s professionals updated information and to provide training based on the Institute’s belief: Better Packaging, Better World!

For our foundation, by the way, distinguished industry professionals were brought together, targeting at disseminating high-quality information, while contributing to the sector’s growth and development.

In 2007, we created the Packaging Reference Kits that contain 70 samples of a variety of types of packaging. It is an important content tool for teaching the subject, also bringing a technical terms glossary and a directory of distinguished companies in the industry. This kit is a pioneering project in the packaging field that works as didactic and tutorial material in our courses.

In 2008, we developed the course “Packaging Update from A to V – from Steel to Glass” to meet the needs of an audience seeking specific knowledge. That motivated us to create other courses, including in-company training focused on the needs of each business.

In 2010, we focused on child education, which is a priority for an effective change on how we deal with the environment. We then published the “Environment
Education Set,” which motivated us to keep moving forward.

In 2011, we created the Packaging Club (www.clubedaembalagem.com.br), an on-line channel that aims at gathering common interests in the sector, with a communications area, news, suppliers guide, image gallery, job opportunities, among other information. Now we have more than 6000 members.

In 2014, we launched our first book in English: “Better Packaging. Better World,” distributed in several countries.

Furthermore, the Institute has focused on taking part in national and international exhibitions as a way of publicizing itself and to be known in Brazil and abroad. In addition, these are opportunities to recycle our knowledge and to, later, bring to the Brazilian professionals innovations and world trends. This is accomplished through our events and courses, which are recognized by the quality and quantity of information they bring. Additionally, they always unite a lot of professionals that also share their experiences.

So far, we have carried out more than 60 courses and 80 events about packaging, reaching more than 6000 professionals. As a result, we have been able to bring education on packaging issues to professionals in every part of the country and now worldwide, always presenting the latest trends in our sector.

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Coordinate and carry out studies, courses, gatherings, and training that contribute to spread knowledge on packaging.


Be the packaging knowledge center in Brazil and we have been working on that since our foundation in 2005.


  • All actions should be guided by ethics;
  • Consider Sustainability as a whole ;
  • Transparency , impartiality and fairness in all actions and information ;
  • Excellence in service of everyone involved .


We believe that better packaging promote better quality of life.

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Angela Napolitano

Specialist in Environmental Law-USP, master graduate program in Environmental Sciences of USP, lawyer and environmental consultant in Sao Paulo.


Antonio Andrade de Paula

Chemical engineer graduated from Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial (FEI)/Brazil, de Paula also attended Packaging Specialization courses in the United States and Germany. He has been working in the packaging market since 1976 for companies from different segments: Converters (Toga, Itap, Overprint), Special Films and Resins (AlliedSignal), Machinery (FEVA), in addition to working as a Technical Consultant in the area of Flexible Packaging, He is presently the co-owner of DIGITALBRAIN Consultoria e Treinamento Ltda.<br /> He is a teacher at Instituto de Embalagens, co-author of several books and coordinator of the Flexible Packaging and Process Center.


Assunta Napolitano Camilo

Mechanical engineer graduated from Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo (USP), with specialization in Industrial Administration from FCAV/USP and in Marketing from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) and Business School. Additionally, Camilo also attended other courses and internships in the packaging area, both in Brazil and abroad, including Germany and the United States.<br /> She has over 30 years of experience in the packaging market, with expertise in the areas of Development, Strategic Planning, and Business Management in companies such as Cyklop, DixieToga, TetraPak, and Ripasa.<br /> Also a writer and an international speaker, she has covered themes such as packaging, trends and innovations in sustainability.<br /> She participates in major national and international events and fairs related to the packaging industry, including InterPack, K, Emballage, Chinaplas, Canton Fair, ISM, Envase, Tokyo Pack, SIAL, Ambalaj, Tecnoalimentaria, Anuga, Drupa, Pack Expo, Envase, Andina etc.<br /> Elected Professional of the Year in 2011, she has also won the Best Packaging of the Year award in 2013 by Embanews magazine.<br /> Currently, she is the Director of Instituto de Embalagens (Packaging Institute) and FuturePack Consulting.<br />


Celso Negrão

Graduated in Marketing and Communication from ESPM/Brazil and Product Design from FAAP/Brazil, and postgraduate in Strategic Business Management from UniAnhanguera/Brazil. Author of the book Design de Embalagem – do Marketing à Produção (Design and Packaging - From Marketing to Production), published by Editora Novatec. Co-author of the several books of Instituto de Embalagens, including a guide for packaging for organic products . Negrão has more than 40 years of professional experience in Marketing, Management and Communication, and currently teaches at Instituto de Embalagens.<br />


Claudio Marcondes

Material engineer graduated from the Federal University of São Carlos (Ufscar) and post-graduated in Financial Administration, Marketing Administration and Strategic Management of Technological Innovation, Marcondes has 25 years of experience in the areas of Product Development, Market and New Applications of the paper industry. In recent years, he has contributed to the developed of the nanotechnology market, representing companies such as Nanox, Lumitech and Contech. He is the co-author of several books for Instituto de Embalagens, where he currently teaches and acts as coordinator for the Material Center.


Edenilson Santos

He is currently a Designer in Institute of packaging, Design Digital UNIFIEO in bachareu (Centre Univesitário FIeo) and currently pursuing a graduate degree in Project management in packaging in SENAI (National Service of Industrial learning).


Magda Cercan Garcia

Mechanical technician in production processes and machinery projects. She graduated from the Faculdade de Tecnologia de São Paulo, UNESP. She has been working in logistics and packaging development for over 25 years. She worked for companies such as IBM, Continental Automotive, and Robert Bosch. She has experience in projects related to packaging transportation, handling and storage solutions.<br /> She has won several awards for her packaging projects and logistics solutions, being<br /> a teacher and co-author of several books. Magda is also Packaging Transport Coordinator at Instituto de Embalagens, as well as FuturePack Manager<br />


Maria Luiza